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pictures and such
pics pics pics

aww me and mir thanksgiving break

strike a pose bitch! hahaha

ohhh these boys...

that zuma... good times

our infamous pose

Otero girls are effin gorgeous!! haha

girls at warped in ventura

my sisters

haha what a silly night..

yes indeed we are girls with guns

Hart High's WinterFormal 2002 - peaceful times

haha we're cute as hell

SAM*O!!!! : )

sally me and sammy

ohh wonderful :D

hahaha ohhh scottie you silly boy

Katie Rosa Me - some of the best girls!!

hmmm... no smiles. : | boo

me and my rosa

me and miriam at carpinteria


fort's got some pretty lady friends :)

picture skills by yours truly

me and my katie :)

Me and Rach

Christopher has gorgeous eyes

the crew

My puppydog Terri : ) lol yea the FAT, WHITE TOTO!!

Katie Rosa Me and Aliyah : ) post-grad

nothing sexier than a boy with an acoustic : )