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please tell me if you would like a poem you wrote put on here. id be more than happy to put it up : )

my world is dark now that you've left me...
where has the light gone now?
my heart aches for you to be w/ me
please help me move on somehow..

theres a deep void in my heart that hasnt been filled...
from my eyes, an infinite number of tears have been spilt.
theres a darkness within me that is lacking in light,
who can shine through?.. i think you might.

some people in life ill never understand..
the things i think i know slip through my fingers like sand..
becuz of my foolish choices, my heart is now stone
and i have been left.. all alone.

darkness no longer.-me-

Who Are You?
You are inspiring, beautiful, and true,
Without you i dont know what i would do.
The perfect description of happiness is you,
Are you here to stay? If only i knew...

Having you in my mind all day long
The thought of you makes everything right that is wrong.
Seeing you makes my heart sing a song,
Being a part of my life is where you belong.

Please stay with me for as long as can be,
You are the one who sets my heart free.
You are what allows me to see,
That everyone everywhere should be as happy as me.

To me, you are what life is made of.
You make me happy, and you are LOVE.<3



You're Real To Me
you're a book i read
a book with 2-D pictures and a beginning and an ending
in the pictures of you, you're smiling
living out a fairy tale in which i can only read
oh, you're real to me

I paged through you're pictures
of a solid smiling photo of you
and how you look somewhat sad
looking off into a distance that doesnt appear in the picture
but you're real to me

i drew a picture of you the other day
she had long brown hair with a glowing smile
slender legs and a pair of pretty eyes
i colored in that picture and put it on the wall
because you're real to me

i came to your house today
but no one seemed to be home
the doors and windows were all boarded shut
and i could see through the bare house
you'll always be real to me.

-Matthew F. R.--

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yeayea i know my thumb and pinky are just all wrong

: )
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