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Thought id share w/ you my pics and all that.

<-- me

::Shout Outs::

Pat- friends always
Ashley- oh my goodness... madness i say. we've grown up i must admit : ) finally! haha glad we're in touch again.
Chris- u lucky guy... hawaii :) mmm gorgeous. we do not talk enough. what happened to the old days eh? good seeing you anyways
Scott- devil?? im the DEVIL!?!? that is not a mormon thing to say... :P
Mike Fresh- HOLLA! damn fool u and me just kick it so well. lol old school... the only thing that matters is if shes TAN. none of that paleness. ha. hmmm me in 50yrs really?? REALLY!? grrrrr.... ima whoop ur ass kid! haha jk. love u :)
Polly Pocket- Pa-ul. Nuh-gooy-in. u and randi<3... cutest thing ive seen since me and pat :) haha im glad u found someone whos more than worthy. ull always be my "little" brother, kid. love u
JoeCho- THRIIICE!! haha we're so white man... ooo RSX w/ stick shift.. thats where its at. ill race u! 4cylinder-wuet. makin money$ off the kids who cant drive hahaha.. oh yea and "whats a donkey punch?" LOL. damnit man im gonna whoop ur ass!!

Ryan- wow such things we've gone through. ups downs back and forth. dah it'll never change
Eric- let the world know! haha quotes from you that i love. theyre the best. i miss San Diego : ( but i'll be down there soon enough i suppose... we're the best right now: let's keep it like that. LAATERRR!! :-*
Derek- hmm strange no hostility
James- my PIMP!! ahh.. im pimp-less! :'( "life's a bitch.. bend over and give it hell!" :) hehe

Ethan- gorgeous place SD is...
Louie- hum interesting
Tessie- always first priority and u know it! keep ur chin up girl
Rachel- Legna. silly boys! ECHO..eCHo..echo.. ha ha ha. *i shall call him Squishy! and he shall be mine.. and he shall be my Squishy!* perfect, funny, pretty, omniscient, psychic, prepared, multitasking, and above all.. HUMBLE. :)... "shake the notion out of your head, Lan!" :shake:
Sara-LEGOLAS!! oooo. haha boys.. they have PMS too! lol accept him for who he is.... no changing people!(well... maybe just their clothing haha)
Robbie- harold. air soft..lol silly boys and their guns. COHEED! ah and abercrombie.. i know its ur favorite! LOL
CoryWong- Larry. what more to say?
ScottT.- ah! the hair... amazing hair i must say. and the conversations we all have.. dang u are a funny kid! lol always happy and i love it :)
Steven- Chinaman! hahahaha yes u and ur asianness... u know its in there somewhere! dang that little "asian" kid.. psh.. ur more asian than him! haha
Fausto- awe faust u understand the passion for clothing and brands and just plain styyle :) lol ur such a good friend and always know how to help a person out.. thank you!!
Mel- oh yes i am so sorry i betrayed you... i mean what was i thinking! first not talking to u and then walking w/ that boy!!! hahaha i apologize profusely. really. i mean it. (COHEED!!)
Kevin- BEAVER!!
Alison- i wont forget HART's LAST sexy cymbals!!
Kristi- it's been much too long!
Keithie- KEITHIE PEW! SECTIONLEADERS THIS YEAR. the power...damn we are just too good :) SWEEEPSTAAAAKESS!!!!!!!! hell yea
Luci- MY GOSH JUST LEAVE. cant stay in high school forever sweeti!
Brenton- Oklahoma.. home again
Miriam- rock out w/ your HOOHAA out! it was so wonderful seeing you again!
Tara- DIE MERMAID DIE! 2 and 4 tara.. TWO AND FOUR! u me and matt... the most fun u could ever have in the pit
Kim- UC BERKELEY! ya don hafta eat it! screws on ur floor? is the bed missing them!? unsafeness... filipino tenor saxes. ahha

Sam*O- ahh! i miss you sooo much! i need a new phone card.. lol i love you! (i can say it cuz i mean it!)
MattR- hmmm you know im always here. dont worry abt that. call me when u get that phone! : ) well our "relationship" is always there, right? i miss you. and if only 3000mi wasnt so far... always my best pa boy. so comfortable we are.. wonderful. oh yea.. the point is to NOT get hickies. :) i love u! :mwah!:
Ian- lol is it lan or Ian?? can u tell which name is which??? haha superheros.. fantastic4.no more :(
Andy & Georgie- heeey!! andy..GEEZ suuuuure u learned stuff @ ucla..ya know.. goin to magicmtn and all.. we miss you guys! cya in...4-5yrs?? GEEZ long time..

i just wanna say HEY! and I MISS YOU! to: ber, mattC, megan, derek, gordon (NOD), mattL, adam (runt), gernerd, laurenB, laurenP, laurenM, jilly, jillS, steph, lizzie, jamie, arielle, moe, em, dan,and everyone else in PA!

well im sorry if i didnt put u on here! i love you all!! :mwah!:

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::InSidE JokEs::
you put FORKS on my LAwN?? lol
and spoons and knives?!?!!? omg!
sittin in the RAiN @ disneyland...haha
dont press the GAS! i broke that STRAW at Jamba Juice! : P
"Rock out with your HOOHAA out!"
she looks like a FAT, WHITE TOTO! lol
or is that an ALIEN??...
:ouch!!: my BUTT hurts! geez..jetskiing!
iiiiii know!!
"im not listening!!!! :oof!: still not listeniiing!" lol
squeakety squeaken!!
lol my CHRISTMAS presents come just a teensy bit LATE.. : )
bday presents are late too!
i dont like when ppl get EDGY! :sniff::sniff:
am iiii in a bad mood??? nooooooo..
ppl PUT me in a bad mood.. i wake up HAPPY : )
yea HART DRUMLINE!! 10th place!! so good 2002 was..
LATE NITE TALKS. so funny..
did my EYE twitch??? lolol
dont get ur HAND caught in the CaRTs!!!! : ) awww poor boy... lol so funny
ew u were puking?? : P that suuuuux
CaR... caR... GOLF COURSE!?!? WTF!!? hehe ok back to cAR again
lol daddy would shit a brick huh? mine would shit a HOUSE!
ScrEaMINg iNfIDeLItieS! :your hair.. its eeeeverywhere!:
ewww i almost stepped in ur PEE. groooss! lol
um lets NOT pull down my shOrtS.
hahaha in the PaRK- the funniest damn thing EVER. LoL lotsa laughing : D but its NOT weird..
oh geez its all over my shIrT.
CAR CHASE!!!!!!!! dude.. u suck at this. haha
ur gonna put TRaSHcaNS on my LAwN?! WTF!?!?
No UsE is greatness.. : )
really ur THAT dark?! damn!! haha
my twin sister! whoa wait.. that girl looks like me too..
hmm.. that guy in vans looks quite similar to u.. we have many twins.
i looove you! "dont say that. i hate it when u say that"
hahahahahaha"hi." :)
what kind of jeans are u wearing? "guess" hmmm levis? "no..GUESS."
why dont you like me?!?!! :'( hehe jk :D
kisses babe.
::SiGn mY GUESTBOOK!!:: pleease

*No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.*
*A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.*
*Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.*
*To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.*
*Don't waste your time on someone, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.*
**Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.**
**There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.**
*Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.*
*Friends are like *StaRs*...you cant always see them, but you KNOW theyre there.*
*friends can help you out in your time of need, but they can also make you feel horrible. It sucks when you are good friends with someone and they just stop talking to you. It makes you feel like crap. And it sucks because you think you know this person, and then, all of a sudden, its completely different. why would anyone do this to, is it for pleasure, or did they think you did something to deserve it, or is it just a personality change. i dont know, but if you do, please tell me.*-KeiThiE's wORds.

Winterformal 2002 (soph. yr)

me, beth, ashley.
:that was a good good year despite some issues... sometimes i miss the good ole days..: